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The rotor nozzle MONRO-JET® is a single-jet orbital rotor nozzle. It combines the high power of the spot beam with the large surface power of the flat beam.

In the nozzle made of hardened stainless steel, a rotor rotates at a defined angle around the nozzle axis and thereby produces an elliptical beam pattern with only one water jet.

The MONRO-JET ® nozzle is designed in such a way that the water flow in the interior of the nozzle body causes a rotatory movement of the rotor. The compressive forces within the nozzle body provide for a seal between the rotor and the supporting or rolling surface on the bottom of the nozzle body. Thus, a through-flow and an outflow of the water from the nozzle body are only made possible by the rotor.

MONRO-JET® rotor nozzles can be adapted with all approved high-pressure fittings and mounted on lances, high-pressure guns and robot arms. Due to its compact design combined with the aggressively developed high-pressure water jet, the MONRO-JET can be used extremely economically for concrete and paint removal as well as for surface preparation and cleaning.

To protect your lances and nozzles, we recommend using a M26x 1.5 pressure screw and pressure ring with the 9/16 UNFLH or M14 x 1.5 LH thread.

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Sapphire, only diamond is harder

Sapphire is a corundum, that is, an alumina. Its chemical formula: Al2O3
In the production of sapphire, alumina is melted in a oxyhydrogen flame, a mixture of water and oxygen, at a temperature of more than 2,000 degrees. The drops fall on a small piece of sapphire in a chamber. The continuous process allows the sapphire to grow slowly, comparable to the growth of a stalagmite. The pear-shaped blanks thus grow to a size of 3 to 4 cm in diameter and 11 to 14 cm in length.


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