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We create solutions to the real-life problems posed by our customers. We target the profile of future products in order to meet the requirements needed. Through our comprehensive know-how and our experience in production we are able to arrive at solutions that are superior in functionality, composition and application possibilities to other products currently on the market.

Our production is mainly carried out in-house which makes us more attractive price-wise and enables us to demonstrate our strengths in the form of unique product solutions.

Inert nozzles

Our customers are confronted with products on the market that meet the given requirements in form and size, but can not meet the criteria for hygienic guidelines and material characteristics.

In particular, we adopt the specifications for inert housings made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials and consistently convert them into well thought-out product solutions.

A system developed by us allows us to design and manufacture special nozzles made of high-quality V4A steels and other highly corrosion-resistant materials such as nickel base alloys. This opens up further fields of application for the use of sapphire nozzles which have hitherto been closed for hygienic, corrosion or process reasons. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, medical technology .......


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